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Delivering great outcomes for 30 years

Whatever the project, like you, we’re 100% focused on results.  We won’t write a report and disappear, leaving you to do all the hard yards. We roll up our sleeves to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Our company

For 30 years, we’ve helped our clients deliver more for less. Never happy with me-too solutions, we innovate aggressively to deliver fresh approaches to contract management.

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Our team of 50 is handpicked from the brightest talent to deliver real change on behalf of our clients. Each an expert in their field, they have a single aim – to deliver great outcomes for our customers.


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30 Years of Innovation


Company formed

Lifecycle founder, Peter Mullin, saw a real need to provide lessees with expertise that would help them negotiate better with lessors, and to procure and manage leases on terms. This meant long-term cost exposure could be minimised.


We established our first NHS clients – so long ago that leasing was quaintly known as ‘unconventional finance’ in the public sector!​

We also invented the leasing ‘cap’, a clear formulaic way of capping long-term cost exposure. We championed this against strong opposition from the leasing and finance industry.​

Coupled with effective contract terms addressing all areas of change, this has delivered cost savings to the NHS. Today we estimate those savings to be well in excess of £200M+. Within a few years, around a third of all leases in the NHS were procured by the company. ​

We developed the first bespoke lease management systems seen anywhere, and incorporated these into a full management solution for our clients. We then immediately invested heavily in re-developing them to make them proactive and fully internet-based, enabling us to drive better and more timely decision-making.


During the 2000s we once again invested heavily to develop OPTIMiSe, the technology platform that became the heart and soul of working collaboratively with our clients to deliver fantastic contract management.​

We expanded the scope of our remit into maintenance and service agreements, and developed our processes and systems to provide an outsourced service across a range of spend. This meant we could grow our client base to encompass one in three NHS Trusts.​

In this decade we also enhanced OPTIMiSe, as well as our processes and resources, to provide full performance management capabilities.


We developed our Asset Replacement Planning tools and integrated these into OPTIMiSe to help our clients plan and manage their spend even more effectively. We also restructured the business and rebranded as Lifecycle.​

Sir David Nicholson joined the board and we acquired LTS Consultancy, the UK’s premier pathology and diagnostic consultancy business. It has since been integrated into the business, meaning we can now provide end-to-end solutions, from problem analysis and resolution, through specification and procurement, to full, ongoing contract management​

We also expanded into the Universities sector for the first time.


We invented the Lifecycle Index™ to help organisations identify what they do well and where they could improve in terms of contract management. We used this to develop a roadmap to help us improve and measure contract management capabilities.​

We integrated this into OPTIMiSe to provide a complete platform where we can co-operate and collaborate with our clients to support them in delivering the very best value for their spend.​

We also expanded into local authority sector.

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