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Demand on Imaging services continue to grow much than capacity can be added.

In addition, ageing scanners are putting even more pressure on already strained departments. These problems cannot be solved through training, investment or process improvement alone – they need an integrated, quality-focussed improvement approach.

Partnerships & Networking

Helping you form and manage effective network partnerships

Collaboration and partnership between Imaging services is now mandated. We’ll not only provide you with the skills and expertise to develop the most effective network and quantify the value of partnerships, but our experience in delivering similar projects globally also supports the  change management efforts required to ensure success.

Capital & Procurement

Improve performance of the system with smart procurement decisions

From new scanning technology to outsourcing services to another provider, the major procurement decisions you make will have an impact for at least a decade. By adopting a whole systems approach, we’ll help you  clearly define your needs and ensure  you procure the best possible solution in terms of cost, quality and long-term sustainability.

Performance Improvement

Improve performance across all areas of the service

Imaging services remain under immense pressure, continuously expected to deliver more with less. Ageing equipment, increasing demand, emphasis on cancer screening and detection are all key challenges. Our bottom up approach to performance improvement makes use of our in-depth operational understanding to identify and deliver real change.

Demand Optimisation

Reducing unwarranted variation in radiology requesting

Trusts and CCGs are facing increasing cost pressures to provide high-quality, effective care whilst facing increases in diagnostics activity. We’ll help identify unwarranted variation in referral patterns and low utility and/or inappropriate testing. We implement changes that effectively modify clinician behaviour and reduce inappropriate testing. 

Contract Management

Improving supplier management to ensure performance and costs

Managing change successfully is a challenge for any organisation. However, the value promised by major laboratory changes can go to waste if contracts are not properly managed over the entire life. With 20 years’ experience in managing healthcare contracts, we’re ideally placed to support Imaging departments in the short, medium and long term.

Imaging Networks. Establishing sustainable commercial and financial partnerships

We’ve developed a White Paper on how to build an Imaging Network. Drawing on our experience in building Pathology Networks, the White Paper covers:
· The key steps in building your Imaging Network
· The lessons learned from Pathology Networks
· The commercial models you’ll need to consider

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“Kathleen and her team have helped us transform our direct access diagnostics. Through providing better management and coordination of contracts, negotiating cost reduction, identifying opportunities for efficiencies and implementing demand optimisation we have seen year-on-year reduction in activity and spend and improved patient pathways.”

Dr Imran Sajid

Clinical Lead

West London CCG

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