Managing records of supplier maintenance visits to ensure compliance

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust


Ensuring compliance with Premises Assurance Model


supplier performance compliance rates


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The Trust were beginning to implement the Premises Assurance Model (PAM) and had identified the lack of documentary evidence of supplier maintenance visits as an area of concern. The Trust wanted to improve record-keeping to ensure compliance with the evidentiary requirements of PAM.

Identification of all maintenance contracts that required documentary evidence.

Verification (with suppliers and Trust) of agreed service schedules for all contracts.

Populating OPTIMiSe with service schedules for all contracts.

Modification of NHS Ts and Cs to require suppliers to upload service records to OPTIMiSe.

Onboarding of all maintenance suppliers to explain new approach to record management.

Emailing service records to the Trust for their approval.

Policing suppliers to ensure upload of all service records.

Chasing and escalating missed (or unrecorded) service visits.

Storing service records online against agreed schedules.

Full reporting (by asset, by contract and department) of supplier compliance levels


The Trust now has full, documentary evidence stored online for all records received, meeting the requirements of the Premises Assurance Model.

The Trust also has clear reporting, identifying both compliant and non-compliant suppliers, enabling them to take action as required. Finally, the Trust is able to review supplier performance prior to the renewal of any maintenance contracts.

“This is a great service. It gives us instant visibility of which suppliers are compliant, as well as the hard documentary evidence of service visits. Where suppliers are not compliant, Lifecycle chases them down and, if necessary, obtains a rebate where services have not been performed.”

Simon Tighe

Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust

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