Category Management

Effective category management requires real category expertise and significant resource. For almost 30 years, we have helped our clients deliver savings, control and compliance in a range of specialist contract categories – from hard FM and medical device maintenance to leasing and waste management.

Hard FM

Driving savings, whole-life value and supplier performance

Maintenance of your estates hardware is a significant cost you want to reduce, but ensuring maintenance occurs as scheduled is also essential. From lifts to HVAC, we ensure competitive procurements to deliver savings, then manage the contract to ensure effective, compliant supplier performance. 

Soft FM

Putting the right contracts in place and carefully managing them

From waste management to landscaping, we help our clients procure and manage soft FM contracts to drive down costs whilst making certain the services are delivered and compliantly recorded.

Medical device maintenance

Ensuring patient safety, while minimising costs

With medical device maintenance costs for an Acute trust exceeding £3m/annum, getting best value from your spend is essential. We procure and manage thousands of maintenance contracts, delivering proven savings. Our OPTIMiSe Performance service also ensures suppliers are performing the visits you have paid for and that they are all compliantly recorded.


Minimising the whole-life cost of financing your equipment

Over 30 years we have developed a unique approach to procuring and managing leasing contracts for our clients’ equipment. Using bespoke contracts,  a unique approach to procurement and active management of the contract, we deliver the minimum whole-life cost and maximum protection for our clients. 

IT & Software

Whole-life value from your IT spend

Whether it’s hardware or software, bought outright or on a licencing basis, we’ll procure and manage your IT contracts to deliver whole-life value and ensure your suppliers deliver on their promises.

Pathology Referrals

Driving value, control and compliance from Pathology tail spend

With the focus on in-house mainstream tests, referral tests often don’t get the focus they deserve. We work with our clients to manage procurement and delivery of referral tests –  reducing costs and improving quality and turnaround times – with full reporting instantly available from our bespoke dashboards. We’ll also ensure the entire process is fully compliant.

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