Mattress refresh programme following renegotiation of existing contract

London North West Healthcare NHS Trust


new mattresses acquired


additional capital required


total savings delivered


With a high incidence of HAPUs and a shortage of nurses, the Senior TVN had identified that replacing all the current static mattresses (which were nearing the end of their life) with hybrid dynamic mattresses would deliver both operational and clinical benefits. However, the Trust had insufficient capital to fund such a replacement programme. The Trust asked us to renegotiate the current contract for mattresses with their current supplier – a contract that was set to run for some time.

Fully understand the Trust’s financial, contractual and clinical position.

Meetings with key stakeholders to get a clear view of the issues involved.

Agreed a technical strategy for the idea configuration of its mattress stocks.

Identifying deficiencies in the current supplier’s performance against contract.

Modelling a plan to replace the current mattress stock – at no additional cost.

Developing, and agreeing a negotiation strategy with the incumbent supplier.

Gaining agreement (over six months) to each of our demands.

Drafting a revised contract with the incumbent that delivered financial ‘headroom’.

Compliant procurement of replacement mattresses with the money saved on the incumbent’s contract.

Negotiated a tailored maintenance contract for both pumps and mattresses to reflect the Trust’s requirements.

Developed a full business case on the Trust’s behalf which won approval.

Working with supplier and Trust throughout to deliver the arrangement


The Trust was able to acquire 1,000 new dynamic mattresses over a 60-day period.

This required no additional capital and created a reduction in revenue spend of £40,000. 80 Trust-owned dynamic mattresses have been replaced free of charge – a saving of £250,000. In addition to the financial benefit, the Trusts also expects to reduce patient turns and a reduction in HAPUs – further increasing the savings to the Trust.

“From the outset they have driven this project and engaged with stakeholders across the Trust to help drive it to a successful conclusion. They have been truly excellent throughout – we have a result that, at the outset, I would not have thought possible. Not only are we now positioned to deliver far better patient care, we have done this by reducing rather than increasing costs.”

Amanda Pye

Chief Nurse

London North West Hospitals NHS Trust

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