Meeting the Covid capacity challenge

Green streams. Amber streams. Cohort streams. Delivering the capacity you need to restore services.

Releasing and redeploying capacity to deal with the backlog of elective surgery and diagnostics, while maintaining sufficient capacity to deal with current and future Covid-19 cases, represents the next big challenge facing hospitals. Capacity Lifecycle offers a bespoke one-stop solution for delivering additional clinical capacity, either utilising or re-purposing existing facilities or within new modular units.

Even though increasing capacity is critical for resolving the immediate backlog, there is a risk that rapid growth can amplify existing inefficiencies. To ensure optimal efficiency across the entire patient pathway, it is necessary to look at all three inputs – capacity, demand and process – as an integrated system.

Introducing our self-contained modular endoscopy unit

Covid-19 has had a profound impact on endoscopy capacity in the UK. Restoring capacity to pre-COVID levels to manage the enormous backlog is among the key challenges facing providers in the NHS during the phase 3 recovery.

We’re proud to have joined forces with ICS Insourcing to deliver modular, JAG-compliant endoscopy suites. Delivered as a fully-managed service, it includes the physical facilities, equipment and a dedicated team to deliver a high-quality endoscopy service you can trust.

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A fully-managed service. We’ll take care of everything

From clinical services to equipment, from buildings to finance, our managed service solution delivers a complete solution.

Clinical services

Providing clinical services to deliver additional capacity

Working with our partner, ICS Insourcing, we can deliver fully-managed clinical service solutions that are CQC registered and that utilise your standards, pathways and protocols.


Equipping the new premises

Whatever your capacity needs, it will almost certainly include equipment. Working with our partners, we can manage every aspect of equipping your new capacity, from helping to specify requirements to procurement and financing.


Modular solutions to deliver additional infrastructure

From wards to waiting rooms and theatres to diagnostics, we can either work with you to repurpose existing capacity or we can deliver fully modular building solutions to rapidly deliver any new capacity you need.


VAT-efficient financing solutions

We can arrange financing solutions for every aspect of your new capacity, from modular buildings to equipment. And, with a fully-managed service, we can ensure favourable VAT treatment to reduce costs.

Project management

Managing every stage of the project

We can work with you to develop your new capacity solution in a range of ways.  We can design and implement the entire solution. Alternatively, we can work with your own team to project manage any element of the solution you need.

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