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In today’s world, you want more for less. You’re tired of me-too solutions and want a different approach. For 30 years, we’ve innovated to deliver step changes for our clients, and delivered savings of £200m in the process.

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Contract Management

Driving optimal outcomes from contract management

You know that improving your contract management will deliver improved outcomes. Our innovative approach to contract management will help you deliver whole-life value and savings, improved supplier performance and change management while  reducing contract-related risks.

Category Management

Expert management of specialist categories

Effective category management requires real category expertise and significant resource. For almost 30 years, we have helped our clients deliver savings, control and compliance in a range of specialist categories – from hard FM and medical device maintenance to leasing and waste management.


Delivering whole-life value

With experience of both procuring and managing large and complex contracts, we deliver a cradle-to-grave solution, focusing on building and maintaining whole-life value.

Capacity Management

Solving today’s urgent capacity gap

Diagnostics capacity has long been a challenge, but Covid has created significant demand that cannot currently be met. Our capacity management solutions allow Trusts, ICSs and CCGs to address the capacity gap quickly and effectively.

Equipment Management

Delivering more for less from stretched equipment budgets

Your need for extensive equipment to support your operations represents a significant challenge,  in terms of investment, of compliance and of risk management. From financing solutions and investment planning to management of maintenance, our equipment management service will help you safely deliver the equipment you need. 

Diagnostics Transformation

Helping to transform your imaging and pathology services

Diagnostics is changing fast. Pressed to deliver more with less, deal with new entities such as ICSs and networks and deliver capacity, you’re seeking solutions to help address these changes cost-effectively. From demand management to network setup and procuring major contracts to managing outsourced services, we’re here to help.

Our Technology

Unique technology that drives activity and puts you in control

From procuring and managing important contracts to management of equipment, the right technology is critical to drive activity, store data and effectively manage suppliers. All of our services are underpinned by our unique online platform, OPTIMiSe, developed over 20 years to put you in control. 

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