Driving whole-life value

With experience of both procuring and managing large and complex contracts, we deliver a cradle-to-grave solution, focusing on building and maintaining whole-life value.

A whole-life approach that delivers lasting value

Creating day one value in procurement is only half the story. With the resulting contract often managed outside procurement, value can easily erode unseen throughout a contract’s life. Our approach is to take whole-life view, ensuring that the contracts procured are easy to manage, enable suppliers to be held to account and anticipate change. Because we manage so many contracts on behalf of our clients, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Stakeholders and specifications

Developing specifications to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders

Complex contracts need to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. We work with all your stakeholders, using our expertise and experience to build specifications that deliver what everybody needs.

The competition

Compliant procurement that delivers the right result

Getting the competition right is critical. Following a detailed Route to Market report, we’ll help you select the optimal route, whether it be a full tender or a detailed mini-competition. Then we’ll make sure it tests all the key elements to ensure whole-life value.

Implementation and management

Active management of the contract to deliver whole-life value

Once the award is made, the real work begins. We’ll help you implement the new contract and then actively manage it to ensure supplier performance is maintained, that change is easy to manage and the contract delivers exactly what was anticipated.

“Driving savings is critical for any NHS Trust today. Increasingly, when the quick wins have been delivered a more robust approach is required. They brought resource, knowledge, skills and control to a difficult area of spend. They offered confidence to the clinicians, supporting them and us through the nerve wracking process of testing the markets, in areas that often remain with the OEM unchallenged. Working with them ensures whole life costs are considered and the net benefit to the Trust reac”

Penny Hilton

Head of Procurement

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