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Transforming Pathology and Imaging services

The Lifecycle consulting team brings a wealth of diagnostics experience and have worked to shape the future of diagnostic services in England and across the globe for more than a decade. Whether you’re building an imaging network, transforming delivery of your pathology services or managing outsourced contracts, the team has the experience to deliver results.

A proven approach, delivering whole-life transformation of diagnostics services

We recognise the continuously changing nature of diagnostic services. Therefore we deliver a unique range of solutions designed to provide specialist support at every stage of the lifecycle – planning and procurement to implementation, demand optimisation and ongoing performance management.


Every project starts with a clear plan, and we like to tailor-make plans specific to your service. We make certain the plan is based on your data and circumstances. We’ve learned that unless we discover what is actually happening – metrics, costs, performance, problems – any plan won’t deliver on expectations and won’t last the course. So, if you work with us, expect us to ask lots of questions! We’ll use your data to build a true picture, develop a personalised plan to improve your diagnostic service.

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Every NHS diagnostics team wants to deliver a high-quality service that can meet the needs of its population whilst remaining within budget. It’s a tough ask, particularly when demand is continually increasing. We have more than a decade’s experience in transforming diagnostic services, so they not only hit this target, but future-proof services for years to come. We’re the leading Diagnostics transformation team in the UK and you can trust us to deliver.

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Our team have assisted our clients in procuring diagnostic service contracts in order to provide improved and cost-efficient services. However, unless these contracts are managed effectively, the potential value can be lost. It’s why we put so much effort into putting in place effective mechanisms for managing these contacts throughout their life. With more than 5,000 NHS contracts under management, we know how to ensure you get the most out of your contract.

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How we can help

From setting up networks and optimising demand to procurement and contract management, our experienced team of experts will work with you to transform your diagnostics services.

Pathology transformation

Services that are fit for the future.

With a continuous drive towards further integration and consolidation, pathology departments have to define new ways of working. Closer integration with primary care services, development of new and novel analytical technologies and the changing information landscape will further shape the way that services are delivered to clinical teams and patients.

Imaging transformation

Growing demand in a resource constrained environment.

With a continuous drive towards further integration and consolidation, pathology departments have to define new ways of working. Closer integration with primary care services, development of new and novel analytical Demand on imaging services continues to grow much faster than capacity can be added. In addition, ageing scanners are putting even more pressure on already strained departments. These problems cannot be solved through training, investment or process improvement alone, but needs an integrated, quality-focused improvement approach.

Imaging Networks. Establishing sustainable commercial and financial partnerships

We’ve developed a White Paper on how to build an Imaging Network. Drawing on our experience in building Pathology Networks, the White Paper covers:
· The key steps in building your Imaging Network
· The lessons learned from Pathology Networks
· The commercial models you’ll need to consider

Download the white paper

Acquiring our services via a framework

If you would like to acquire Lifecycle consultancy services via a framework, please email Chris Fourie at or via the contact form below.

“The Lifecycle team has an unparalleled knowledge of diagnostics and has been able to guide the team through the development of our procurement strategy and clinical specification development for a future-proof service.”

David Lawson

South East London Pathology Programme Procurement

Director of Procurement at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

“Pathology has been an ongoing programme for NHS England with limited success being achieved in the last 10 years. In 2016, Chris and his team were instrumental in the design and initiation of launching the new 29 Pathology networks. This project has injected much needed pace in our consolidation efforts and is making great progress nationally.”

David Wells

Head of Pathology Consolidation

NHS England and NHS Improvement

“When selecting our preferred pathology partner, Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust was faced with the unique challenge of having to decide between different NHS network options outside our local care system and a local private provider. Chris’ unique understanding of Pathology laboratories, the London Pathology market and the NHSI national consolidation programme, helped us navigate through this difficult decision-making process. The highly commended work completed by him and his team has led to us “

Ben Maguire

Head of Business Development

Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust

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To find out how we can transform delivery of your Diagnostics services to improve quality and drive down costs, email Chris Fourie at or use the form below and we’ll be in touch.